Mining stocks are primarily represented in two groups: majors and juniors. Majors are well-capitalized companies with decades of history and as such “easy” to evaluate and “easy” to invest in. Junior mining stocks are quite the opposite. They have very short histories and have little capital.

As such they can become very volatile since there is uncertainty of them failing, or if successful, being taken over by a major or if they strike a core load in the ground returning a x multiple in days what majors only achieve within years if even. So its a bit as if you trade/invest in  gold versus cryptocurrencies.

This being said there is attractivity in both majors and juniors (f.e: buying gold majors as a hedge for inflation and juniors with risk capital for shorter term high risk/reward returns) and it simply needs the right tools on how to profit on these investment vehicles. Tools we will provide for you and guide you through.