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Outstanding abstract reasoning ability and ability to think creatively and originally has led over the last 25 years to extract new principles and a unique way to view the markets resulting in a multitude of various time frame systems, generating high hit rates and outstanding risk reward ratios. Over 20 years of coaching traders with heart & passion, assessing complex situations, troubleshoot and solve problems principle based has led to experience and a professional history of success. Skilled natural teacher and exceptional developer of talent.Avid learner guided by a plan with ability to suppress ego and empower students to share ideas and best practices and to apply principle-based technical/conceptual knowledge to maximize efficiency. 25+ year execution experience (50.000+ trades executed) Trading multiple personal accounts (long and short-and combinations of the two). Amazing market feel complementing mechanical systems discipline for precise and extreme low risk entries while objectively seeing the whole picture. Ability to notice and separate emotional responses from the decision-making process and to stand outside oneself and one’s concerns about images in order to function in terms of larger objectives. Developed exit strategies that compensate both for maximizing profits and psychological ease to allow for continuous flow throughout the whole trading day. In depth knowledge of money management strategies with the experience of multiple 6 sigma events in various markets (futures, stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds) embedded in extreme low risk statistical probability models with smooth equity curves and extensive risk management as well as extensive disaster risk allow for my natural capacity for risk-taking.
3 12, 2021

December 3rd 2021, Silver Chartbook – Ready, set, silver, go

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Ready, set, silver, go If you read our last weekly chart book publication, you will find our setup maturing right now, just as we planned. We spoke of this being an excellent, low-risk spot to add to your physical holdings. [...]

29 11, 2021

November 30th, 2021, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoin, overcoming adversity

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Bitcoin, overcoming adversity Anything new is confronted with criticism. As much as we live in an ever-expanding universe and as a result, change should be welcome and is a principle, we fear that change. The more revolutionary a new thought, [...]

26 11, 2021

November 26th 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver on Christmas gift list

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Silver on Christmas gift list It isn't only an excellent gift for your loved ones but also for yourself. We find physical silver especially attractive this Christmas because the loaded spring is fundamentally in the market that supports grabbing a [...]

23 11, 2021

November 23rd, 2021, Crypto Chartbook – All alone with bitcoin

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All alone with bitcoin The vast majority of market participants provide for the money inflow. The few who have mastered market play, extract it. While typically in other professions as challenging as trading, one works within a big team that [...]

20 11, 2021

November 20th 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver, shrugging off attacks

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Silver, shrugging off attacks The list is long of arguments why silver prices haven't advanced further yet or might never take off. Market manipulation is one of them. While there is evidence that markets have always been manipulated, prices have [...]

16 11, 2021

November 16th, 2021, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoin, a battle for freedom

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Bitcoin, a battle for freedom When gauging markets, it is essential not to leave anything out. Lights should be pointed at the market instrument from all angles, not to overlook anything in the dark. Commonly, that is fundamentals and technicals, [...]

13 11, 2021

November 13th 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver, the waiting game

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Silver, the waiting game One of the most challenging tasks in market play lies in determining market tops and bottoms from a timing perspective. The most obvious reason for that is the complexity of the function of time itself, and [...]

9 11, 2021

November 9th, 2021, Crypto Chartbook – The uncertain certainty of bitcoin

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The uncertain certainty of bitcoin From a market perspective, we live in times of high risk. Markets typically reflect the world, and it is a misconception that markets only anticipate a future. They can also lag; after all, inflation is [...]

7 11, 2021

November 7th 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver, patience pays

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Silver, patience pays There is much talk about why silver hasn't performed this year. What is overlooked is that the time increment of a year is random. Looking over the last twenty months, silver had a stunning performance. It more [...]

2 11, 2021

November 2nd, 2021, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoin is climbing undeterred higher

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Bitcoin is climbing undeterred higher One of the most defining characteristics of bitcoin is its perseverance despite setbacks. Whether it is the Fed, China, worldwide regulation, and many other recent threats, it seems bitcoin has a stealth factor. There are [...]