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Outstanding abstract reasoning ability and ability to think creatively and originally has led over the last 25 years to extract new principles and a unique way to view the markets resulting in a multitude of various time frame systems, generating high hit rates and outstanding risk reward ratios. Over 20 years of coaching traders with heart & passion, assessing complex situations, troubleshoot and solve problems principle based has led to experience and a professional history of success. Skilled natural teacher and exceptional developer of talent.Avid learner guided by a plan with ability to suppress ego and empower students to share ideas and best practices and to apply principle-based technical/conceptual knowledge to maximize efficiency. 25+ year execution experience (50.000+ trades executed) Trading multiple personal accounts (long and short-and combinations of the two). Amazing market feel complementing mechanical systems discipline for precise and extreme low risk entries while objectively seeing the whole picture. Ability to notice and separate emotional responses from the decision-making process and to stand outside oneself and one’s concerns about images in order to function in terms of larger objectives. Developed exit strategies that compensate both for maximizing profits and psychological ease to allow for continuous flow throughout the whole trading day. In depth knowledge of money management strategies with the experience of multiple 6 sigma events in various markets (futures, stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds) embedded in extreme low risk statistical probability models with smooth equity curves and extensive risk management as well as extensive disaster risk allow for my natural capacity for risk-taking.
30 07, 2021

July 30th 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver, the race is on

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Silver, the race is on. Russia now holds more value of Gold in its reserves than US-Dollar! Russia reduced its dollar holdings by nearly 50% within the last three years. We find this strong evidence of currency devaluation over a [...]

27 07, 2021

July 27th 2021, Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin, low-hanging fruit

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Bitcoin, low-hanging fruit Is there such a thing in financial markets? An easy trade? A sure thing? Not that we know of! You have to be quite creative and inventive to get to the point that market play gets easier. [...]

23 07, 2021

July 23rd 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver, the exception

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Silver, the exception Martingale's strategies are famous for getting broke quickly. Novices use this method of buying more when prices go down since it soothes psychology. Not having to admit one is wrong is a gambler's tool. From a statistical [...]

20 07, 2021

July 20th 2021, Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin, reinvent yourself

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Bitcoin, reinvent yourself We recently got asked why we were super bullish in last week's chart book, and now we align with the bears. It is this flexibility that's required to align with the market and its behavior as a [...]

15 07, 2021

July 15th 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver, a new way to think

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Silver, a new way to think If you are a member of a small country that experienced hyperinflation, you were forced to this new way of thinking. If you are a member of the European Union or the United States, [...]

12 07, 2021

July 12th 2021, Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin, stay on course

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Bitcoin, stay on course Typically, traders change their approach once trading gets tough. Consequently, they listen to other people's opinions, try different investment vehicles or time frames, and try out different trading systems. They try with this approach to feel [...]

8 07, 2021

July 9th 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver, by endurance, we conquer

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Silver, by endurance, we conquer "By endurance, we conquer" was Ernest Shackleton´s family motto. After a first leg up of a trending trade instrument, sitting through a consolidation period can be as taxing as an explorer's challenging hurdles. It requires faith, [...]

6 07, 2021

July 6th 2021, Crypto Chartbook – Bitcoin prices are deceiving

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Bitcoin prices are deceiving There is a phenomenon in market behavior. Most market participants buy at high price levels. Breakout trades are preferred. Why? The underlying psychological motivation is the need for certainty in an unpredictable environment. While otherwise, people [...]

1 07, 2021

July 1st 2021, Silver Chartbook – Silver, all aboard

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Silver, all aboard The phrase "All aboard!" is said as a warning before departure, and we find it fitting in how we see the physical Silver market unfolding. We do not claim to know the extent of the Basel 3 [...]

29 06, 2021

June 29th 2021, Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin, eighty percent rule based

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Bitcoin, eighty percent rule based Our market participation process is over 80% rule based. These rules are defined to the smallest detail. This scrutiny is necessary so that the mind does not access intuitive decisions in principle wrong in a [...]