Track record of our longterm investment recommendations

Ethereum ETHUSD 08/02/2016 7.99 USD 729,25 USD 9,027.03% Hodl
Bitcoin BTCUSD 02/01/2016 372.00 USD 27,930.02 USD 7,408.06% Hodl
Bitcoin BTCUSD 06/22/2016 570.00 USD 27,930.02 USD 4,800.00% Hodl
Pan American Silver PAAS 06/13/2019 11.40 USD 33.21 USD 191.31% Hold
Equinox Gold EQX 08/16/2018 5.05 CAD 13.21 CAD 161.58% Hold
Physical Silver XAGUSD 04/01/2016 14.88 USD 26.30 USD 76.74% Hold
Physical Gold XAUUSD 04/01/2013 1,150.00 USD 1,880.27 USD 63.50% Hold
Iota IOTUSD 11/09/2017 0.46 USD 0.294124 USD -36.06% Sell at Break-even
Steem STEEMUSD 07/17/2017 0.99 USD 0.159656 USD -83.87% Sell at Break-even
Hive (Steem Fork) HIVEUSD 03/26/2020 0.00 USD 0.112137 USD 100.00% Hodl
TV-TWO (via ICO) TTVUSD 06/24/2018 0.03115 USD 0.001761 USD -94.34% Hodl

last update: 30th of December 2020, 12.34pm CET

Update December 30th, 2020

Gold and Bitcoin had a very good 2020. Investors, worried about currency debasement from all the currency creation (money-printing), sought stores of value. Gold surged over 25%, its best year in a decade, while Bitcoin was up more than 300%.

The precious metals sector has likely finished its 4-month correction and should be on the way to a strong 1st quarter 2021. Most mining stocks have not yet really moved as tax loss selling just has ended. At the same time, Bitcoin is reaching a new all-time high above US$28,000 and we recommend to simply continue to “hodl”. The same is true for our Ethereum position. And we are patiently waiting for higher prices to get rid of the alt coins IOTA and Steem.

Update November 14th, 2020

Gold, Silver and the mining stocks continue to correct as expected. However, there might only be a few more weeks left before the precious metals sector will turn around. As we expect a very strong 1st quarter 2021, we look to add exposure to the sector within the next three to five weeks up until around mid of December. In the meantime, Bitcoin has been taking the lead and it seems as if the whole world suddenly has become “short Bitcoin”. Without a doubt, many new players are running behind the bitcoin train. Generally, chasing runaway prices is not a good strategy but Bitcoin is, as we all know, different. Anyway, we continue to simply “hodl” our bitcoin holdings. The alt coins IOTA and Steem however are becoming more and more questionable. We would like to get rid of them once their prices move at least one level higher.

Update October 11th, 2020

Gold, Silver and the mining stocks did correct as expected. Gold came all the way back down to  US$1,850. At that time the uncertainty about a new stimulus package as well as the US-election had reached a short-term top in pessimism. hence since about two weeks all markest move step by step back into risk on mode simply because the perception was to one-sided and too cautious. However, we are not yet sure if the correction in Gold, Silver and Mining stocks is indeed over. But we definitely see Gold recovering further in the short-term. A first potential target size is US$1,965 to US$2,220. All precious metals and all mining stocks as well as Bitcoin remain a hold position.

Update August 14th, 2020

Gold, Silver and our two mining stocks had a nice run up and are now likely to correct over the next few weeks or even 2-4 months. They all are a hold at this time. Bitcoin and Ethereum pushed higher as well and remain a hold as well. IOTA is coming to life and moving towards our entry price. Steem and Hive are a question mark. If they continue to recover we might sell them at some point as those two social media crypto projects don’t really seemed to gain traction. TTV continues to be a total loss on paper however after an in-depth conversation with one of their founders we continue to believe into the project and are willing to give them more time.

Update July 18th, 2020

Gold, Silver and our two mining stock are up.