Dash is Digital Cash you can spend anywhere. Dash is a open-source project that delivers safe, blockchain-based financial solutions.

Dash has been one of the secret tips in the crypto scene for the last two to three years.

Meanwhile, this has also been reflected in a substantial price rise up to 1200 USD per coin. Originally, Dash has been launched under the name of XCoin and Darkcoin as an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and offers a similar design and functionality as Bitcoin.

Unlike Bitcoin however, the specific Dash Full Nodes (these are servers that are constantly online and hold the complete blockchain) are rewarded for their services with 45% of block rewards, just as much as the miners receive.

As a result, in the future the masternodes can afford even more costly operation of network nodes. The remaining 10% can be invested in development and marketing projects or otherwise by the Dash network.

The decision is based on a democratic and complex but automated voting process by the master nodes.

Currently, this monthly budget is already around 4 Mio. USD and is expected to increase the visibility and stability of Dash in the future. Dash has been consistently developed over the past few years and has now been able to gather an impressive team. The unique features such as instant transactions, incentivized infrastructure, high levels of privacy and fungibility and a decentralized financing as well as governance make Dash one of the most promising Bitcoin competitors. One can also describe Dash as an anonymous and decentralized Paypal.