The following are just some of the positive things that our readers and clients are saying about us. We are pleased to find that our service is such a success and can be so beneficial to so many individuals and business clients. Don´t just take it from us, let our readers and clients do the talking!

“The Midas Touch Consulting newsletter by Florian Grummes is one of the few “Must Reads” for me.

I know of no other technical analyst, who analyses gold and the whole precious metals complex that objective and is including so many different methods of analysis to reach its conclusions.”

“Hi Florian, Another great job on your monthly report! I’m sharing your report with a couple of friends that I hope will bring you future business! Good luck, my friend and congratulations once again on your new baby!!”

Florian Grummes is one of the most talented and serious chart analysts in Germany. His Gold model is a huge invention and his prognosis has an outstanding level of correctness. I like it a lot and Florian does a fantastic job.

“I want to personally acknowledge your commitment and total giving from your heart in providing consulting and service. Mr. Grummes, it is indeed an honor to call you a mentor and a friend. Thanks for the sharing of your wisdom.”

James Proetz, Private Investor

“Florian Grummes is an excellent speaker with real insight and knowledge of the gold market. One of the best independent analysts in the business.”

„Florian Grummes is not only a very skilled and thorough technical analyst – but also an experienced expert in precious metals and the fundamental analysis thereof. It is only based on this rare combination that he was able to develop his unique multi-dimensional “Midas Touch” gold and silver model which breaks down many complex facets of the precious metal markets into “digestable” results based on both technical trends, absolute and relative data (fundamentals and ratios), currency specifics, interest rate trends, historical and empirical experience, positionings in the future markets, and sentiment data!

Whenever his models show extreme indications (e.g. 16 of the 20 criteria in “green” or “red” areas), one should become bullish or bearish. At the very least, we then should become ALERT!”

“Excellent independent research. Great call on Bitcoin before it was in fashion!”

Richard Wardlaw, Private Investor

“I make sure to read Florian’s insights into the technicals on gold and silver; he is concise, thorough and disciplined, and I value his perspectives. Cheers,”

“I have been a subscriber to the Midas Touch gold newsletter and model for two years now and it has become invaluable reading for me.  Florian Grummes is very good at separating his long term views on gold from the many technical indicators he uses to determine the short term outlook for gold.

His model has been remarkably accurate and I have not found another gold forecaster whose approach is so thorough.  I heartily recommend the Midas Touch as required reading for anyone wanting to invest in gold.”

“Florian is an excellent consultant with a deep understanding and best knowledge in the areas of precious metals (gold and silver). His monthly gold and silver analysis are objective and competent. Florian is an indispensable guide for me!”

Klaus Heller, Private Investor

“I am a consistent and persistent networker.  I meet people every day both locally and globally. I came across Florian Grummes on a recent trip to Germany and Switzerland for Inca One Gold.

Florian writes a report called the Midas Touch – and it really got my attention. Here is why! First, the report takes the emotion out of investing in gold.  It tracks 19 very specific metrics that Florian contends influences the direction of the world gold market.  I for one think he is on to something. Florian has been stress testing this model over 15 years and by his own admission, states it is a work in progress.

He is also tracking other metrics that may get on the list. He also says that down the road the report could have different emphasis on some of the items he tracks. The Midas Touch Gold Model rates a “Buy” / “Neutral” & “Sell” signal. There is probably no other investment category where you have such passion on both sides of the trade.  Many gold bugs live in silence and build on their pile.  Anti -gold investors beat on them, reminding us all it pays no interest or dividends. I hold the world view that gold is higher from here over the next few years.  No one can really tell you when…but maybe, just maybe, this Midas Report can give you the early heads up on when it starts its long awaited move upwards.

I enjoy what I do but in particular I get to meet a lot of very smart people in the world of banking and finance… and I mean smart.  Florian Grummes is one of them.  It was a pleasure to meet both him and his wife on the trip to Zurich. If you are in this industry or interested in gold – The Midas Touch may just be for you. Enjoy”

“Many thanks for your email and let me say that I think your gold newsletter is very very informative. I learned a lot from your approach and will keep track of this more often.”

Laurens Bensdorp, The 30-Minute Stock Trader
“Florian was the only one who was calling a buy on Bitcoin long before most people knew what Bitcoin was. Now he is calling for a turn in the gold market. He uses both technical and fundamentals to arrive at his predictions. One would be very foolish not to heed his advice!!!”
Dick Weis, Private Investor

“Brilliant Work Florian Thank you”

Hello Florian, I have been a reader of your analysis for a long time and your insight is excellent. Look forward to your next gold update. Danke, Ed

Ed C., Gold Futures Trader

Fantastic. Please include me on the mailing list for the newsletter. I was so pleased with you accurate work. Again, thank you Florian.

Morris Jesion, Private Investor

“Hi Florian, I just want to thank you for your gold newsletters – you have been right since 2011 and I would not be sitting on so many losing positions right now if I had listened to your analysis instead of the gold promoters! I deposited funds into your Paypal account some time back when you sent out a suggestion – and my vote of confidence in you has not changed.

So – thanks for what you are doing. I am following your guidance to take up just a few positions that I hope will balance out any ‘losers’ amongst my current gold stock holdings – the ones that may not survive the carnage that has taken place! Wishing you good health and prosperity.”

Elspeth, Private Investor

Dear Florian, thank you for sending us The Midas Touch Consulting Reports. In general your predictions have been excellent. Not only they are beneficial, they are also educational. Keep up the good work. Respectfully

Dr. VIN, Private Investor

Yes, your work is excellent. Sent a donation to a Canadian charity in your honour as a token of appreciation for your kindness to seniors. Best wishes

Morris, Private Investor

“Mr Grummes, I am receiving your messages on internet and your advices have been good and have helped me to preserve my capital. I want to thank you and intend to send some money soon as a reward. I will mail you a cheque if this is acceptable to you. Yours truly”

J.Louis F., Private Investor

“Thanks for sending me this very interesting document. You have clearly spent a lot of time thinking things through and it is very interesting to read your ideas”

David, Private Investor

“Thank You Mr. Florian Grummes, I just read the report you sent today. It is excellent! Thank You for sending it and for the free subscription.”

Chris B., Private Investor

“Really enjoyed the April 05, 2015 E-Mail. It’s becoming an important tool as I move forward with my project. Will be spreading the word.”

Thanks for all your help! Your newsletter on gold is excellent! I look forward to future knowledge…

Dick Weiss, Private Investor

“I have started buying Florian Grummes recommendations on mining stocks and general market direction and so far he is right on target. My stocks have been going up. I am a new investor and so far so good. He answers all of my questions. Thanks.”

Robert Duke, Private Investor

“Great comments & insights Florian. Thank you.”

Morris, Private Investor

“Brilliant Work Florian. Thank you!”

John N., Fundmanager

“You are the best! Thank you for your terrific analysis – consistently “on the money”

Walter G., Private Investor

“Hi Florian, Got your incredible report, good work Florian. Amazing.”

Hagop, Private Investor

“Hi Florian, just read your report. Very informative & useful & a great example of how to conduct your own research for a particular market. Thanks & best wishes..”

Mark, Private Investor

“Hi Florian, I found your insight into the gold market very interesting. Thanks!”

Keith, Private Investor

“Love the newsletter you put out for free. I started following you a few months ago and so far your right on target!”

Robert, Private Investor

“Oh my God. I am unbelievably impressed. This is amazing! You rock.”

Danny, Private Investor

“Thanks Florian for your insights. Much appreciated.”

Morris J., Private Investor

“Brilliant analysis Florian, looking forward to the next one man!”

Jahanzeb, Private Investor

“Dear Sir,I enjoyed reading your take on the Gold markets, I think your perspective is worth reading regularly.”

Alan, Private Investor

“Hello Florian, enjoyed your analysis. Keep up the good work. Cheers!”

Kenliff, Private Investor

“Great newsletter on gold!”

John, Private Investor

“Excellent & Well Thought Out Piece Florian!”

Alan M., Professional Investor, Newsletter Writer

“Hi Florian, how are you? I am one of your newsletter subscribers. I have been following your advice on gold and silver trading for a long time. It has been fantastic.”

Henry L., Private Investor

“Hey Florian! Keep up the good work!”

Tal, Private Investor

“That’s awesome, son!!!!!”

“Thanks Florian. Always look forward to your views. All the best.”

Morris J., Private Investor

“Hi Florian, I’m a 25 yr old operator from Australia.  I read your article on Gold and thought it was an excellent analysis.”

Ben, Private Investor

“Hi Florian, I very muched enjoyed reading your analysis of the gold market. Regards”

Malcolm, Private Investor

“I read your article with great interest. Thanks in advance!”

Eldo, Private Investor