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Welcome to the official website of Midas Touch Consulting. Our mission is to help investors and traders to become more profitable & wealthy. We do offer investment consulting for institutional & private investors and traders via our market reports, chart books, newsletters, technical analysis as well as via our unique Midas Touch Gold Model and of course our free Telegram channel.

While our main focus currently is on the precious metal sector including mining stocks and on bitcoin and other crypto currencies we do track all markets worldwide and are always in search of excellence and therefore lucrative ideas & opportunities.  We approach the markets from an objective rational and risk averse point of view and avoid any bias towards long or short.

We believe that investors & traders need to focus on their mental state to process their investments in the best possible way.

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Can you believe it? We neither can but indeed we recommended Bitcoin at 370 USD! Here is our portfolio with our current open recommendations…

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Yeah. Read what all theses impressive people have to say about Midas Touch. Just so, yeah.

“The Midas Touch Consulting newsletter by Florian Grummes is one of the few “Must Reads” for me. I know of no other technical analyst, who analyses gold and the whole precious metals complex that objective and is including so many different methods of analysis to reach its conclusions.”

“I want to personally acknowledge your commitment and total giving from your heart in providing consulting and service. Mr. Grummes, it is indeed an honor to call you a mentor and a friend. Thanks for the sharing of your wisdom.”

James Proetz, Private Investor

“I have been a subscriber to the Midas Touch gold newsletter and model for two years now and it has become invaluable reading for me. His model has been remarkably accurate and I have not found another gold forecaster whose approach is so thorough.  I heartily recommend the Midas Touch as required reading for anyone wanting to invest in gold.”

“Florian Grummes is one of the most talented and serious chart analysts in Germany. His Gold model is a huge invention and his prognosis has an outstanding level of correctness. I like it a lot and Florian does a fantastic job.”

„Florian Grummes is not only a very skilled and thorough technical analyst – but also an experienced expert in precious metals and the fundamental analysis thereof.

“Florian Grummes is an excellent speaker with real insight and knowledge of the gold market. One of the best independent analysts in the business.”

“I make sure to read Florian’s insights into the technicals on gold and silver; he is concise, thorough and disciplined, and I value his perspectives. Cheers,”

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