21 05, 2019

May 21st 2019, Crypto Chartbook

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And where from here? Many just woke up to Crypto being back in mainstream media, after a substantial move has already taken place. Therefore of course, the most important question probably is: "And where from here?" This can easily trigger [...]

17 05, 2019

May 17th 2019, Silver Chartbook

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Confluence In last week´s chart book we illustrated a way on how to reduce risk through a reentry strategy. We are aware that each market participant has to pick his or her time frame in which to execute and hold [...]

11 05, 2019

May 13th 2019, Silver Chartbook

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Reentry? Our approach is one of very low risk. We aren't sitting for long times in entry zones and expose capital to risk. We rather believe in tight stops followed by a reentry, if warranted for. It is certainly a [...]

11 05, 2019

May 11th 2019, Crypto Chartbook

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100% Return We are not sure of how the reader thinks about this, but in our books doubling ones money in 5 month, on a relative low risk investment, is a big thing. Where else can you make in this [...]

5 05, 2019

May 5th 2019, Crypto Chartbook

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On the money We all want to know what works. How can we extract consistently money out of the market? Looking for the holy grail is futile. There is no secret. No formula, no special indicator or indicator setting. There [...]

4 05, 2019

May 4th 2019, Silver Chartbook

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What not to do When reading weekly publications in the finance sector one mainly stumbles upon opinions. What to buy, when to buy, and reasons on why these recommendations make sense. A very important factor in  trading and investing is [...]


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