4 12, 2020

December 4th 2020, Silver Chartbook – A Silver lining in difficult times

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A Silver lining in difficult times 2020 has been a challenging year. We ache for some peace and comfort. Christmas is right before the door, but that can be a challenge as well. Trips to the mall are not without [...]

1 12, 2020

December 1st 2020, Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin, your best bet

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Bitcoin, your best bet If you think of it, in a world of hyperinflation, where stocks and their underlying value are disproportional to reality, any investment tied to a fiat currency is high risk. You might make the perfect bet [...]

27 11, 2020

November 27th 2020, Silver Chartbook – Timing, the Silver watch

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Timing, the Silver watch Covid has a dramatic impact on productivity and business. As such, the burdens on governments and their budgets are enormous. The likelihood of a fiscal stimulus in U.S. to have fruitful effects to produce economic growth [...]

24 11, 2020

November 24th 2020, Crypto Chartbook: Trust, Debt, Bitcoin

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Trust, Debt, Bitcoin Once we expanded barter through commodities with paper "I owe you's" (started by the Medici), we entered a system of trust. While a direct exchange prior without a middleman was easy from the view of trust, a [...]

18 11, 2020

November 18th 2020, Silver Chartbook – Silver, impact scope

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Silver, impact scope As a trader, you can occupy your mind with a lot of data and create scenarios for each different event. This will create an unmanageable workflow plan since anything and everything can move the markets. A more [...]

16 11, 2020

November 16th 2020, Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin, the sky is the limit

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Bitcoin, the sky is the limit Bitcoin has decoupled from markets. It is running on its own now. Legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller said: “I’m a bit of a dinosaur, but I have warmed up to the fact that Bitcoin could [...]

12 11, 2020

November 12th 2020, Silver Chartbook – When not to trade

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When not to trade You might remember being excited last Monday when the Silver market had a strong down day. You were possibly observing price movements more engaged than on typical trading days. On volatile or strong directional days one [...]

10 11, 2020

November 10th 2020, Crypto Chartbook: Why Bitcoin will win

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Why Bitcoin will win Long before mankind minted coins and then printed money, we were forced to find means of exchange once barter over larger distances was required. Mankind invented all sorts of "commodity money", from fish to leather, grains [...]

5 11, 2020

November 6th 2020, Silver Chartbook – Silver, your money is safe

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Silver, your money is safe Markets do not like uncertainties. Tight elections one more time provide for that uncertainty. Even when this topic will be resolved we find ourselves in times where uncertainty is spelled in capital letters. 2020 has [...]

3 11, 2020

November 3rd 2020, Crypto Chartbook: Physical versus digital money

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Physical versus digital money Since about one year we are living in a world where negative stories dominate nearly every conversation. News are negative since drama sells better, but a pandemic instills fear for your life. Typically, we had a [...]