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IOTA is an Altcoin of the 3rd generation and is currently ranked 11th in terms of market capitalization at just around 1,34 billion USD. The token solves the problems of blockchain technology as the transactions are arranged in a form of tangle, meaning that each transaction confirms two previous transactions. Therefore blocks do not have to be processed further and the transaction fee is no longer required. At the same time, the Tangle technology offers the same security as a blockchain. IOTA could therefore clearly be superior to all other coins. The advantages of IOTA are due to the tangle’s high scalability, the non-existent transaction costs as well as the possibility of carrying out offline transactions. In addition, IOTA definitely has monetary characteristics (limited, as there is no built-in inflation) and could become the payment system for the “Internet of things”, in which machines and automated systems operate and run business with each other in the future. In my opinion, IOTA is the most promising Altcoin, which is currently listed more than 60% below its recent all-time high, and therefore has a very good risk/reward-ratio from a contrarian point of view. In addition, the industry is starting to become more and more interested in this token.

Pleae note that I am holding IOTA myself and that I am therefore biased


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