Guys, I know I have been pretty quiet over the last couple of months. But that doesn’t mean I was lazy. Instead I spend every free minute to research and think about the crypto technology and its emerging new universe.
Here is a quick summary of my thought process with some of the most important bullet-points:

  1. The Internet was a quantum leap in the nineties as it brought the decentralization of knowledge and information.
  2. Now the crypto and blockchain technology is the next quantum leap and will bring the decentralization of power and money. It is extremely disruptive and fast as humanity has entered a new dimension.
  3. The competition for the best free market money is open. The dream of the austrian school of economics might come true.
  4. 95% of the more than 1,200 different cryptocurrencies will become worthless somewhere down the road.
  5. But we are right in front of a massive run into crypto & blockchain investments as institutional money is starting to move into the sector.
  6. Due to massive money printing all over the world this emerging bubble will dwarf everything we have seen so far.
  7. One can benefit by investing in the right cryptocurrencies as well as buying the right cryptostocks that will enter the stock-markets in the coming months
  8. This frenzy will last at least 6 months more like 2-3 years.
  9. Of course this emerging bubble fueled by unprecedented money printing as well as a technology breakthrough certainly will end in an extremely nasty crash. Most investors will lose most of their money.
  10. By then confidence in politicians and central-bankers will be lost too and King Gold will return. Therefore once the final stage of the bubble becomes obvious shifting as much assets into precious metals will be the right thing, but for now one should not allocate more than 10-25%. King Gold equals high quality gold & silver mining stocks too although they might suffer in the first stage of the deflationary crash as the liquidity in the system will suddenly disappear. All this is still far away…
  11. Independently of any scenario: Buy low and sell high is the only way to create profitable investments


Originally published via our newsletter.