Bitcoin is not finding enough support to break above the 61.8% extension at 11,560 USD. Wit a move below 9,900 USD, the gates will open towards 8,000 USD. With this the market would be well on the way to reach its final low followed by a return to its overall uptrend. This could happen within the next 1 or 2 weeks already..

Ethereum also failed at the 161.8% extension (1,083 USD) ..

Below 914 USD and ultimately below 877 USD, the market is back in the hands of the bears and should be on its way to reach our primary target at around 655 USD. Here we expect the correction to end and the long-term uptrend to resume which has the next upside target sitting around 1,700 USD.

Be patient here and make sure to have enough liquidity to profit from the coming low…