November 16th 2020, Cryptoassets Update

Market Summary

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index closed Monday, November 16th at 660.18 after being at 503.25 last month and following a low of 217.82 in early March. Bitcoin hit a new 12-month high Monday of $16,713. It’s estimated to cost between $12,000 to $14,000 to mine a single BTC and now that we are over $16K, the miners should be doing very well. November 16th 2020, Cryptoassets Update by Van Tharp.

All of those who joined the Super Trader program under our GBTC program are doing quite well. At the close on Monday, November 16th, GBTC was at $18.86 – that’s a gain of 54% in one month. We started our GBTC offer in July when BTC was about $9,200. Now it’s $16,800 for about an 82% gain overall. One person who put down $10K for ST Foundation has already been able to make the second payment for the program out of profits from GBTC.